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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fitting It All In.

This school year, I have the unusual challenge of having one child in charter school.  This school is unique, in that, it does not provide transportation.  So, my husband drives my oldest child to school in the mornings.  I make the hour round trip to pick him up in the afternoons.  With that addition to our schedule, this is how a day in our home looks.

5:30 am Time to exercise, shower, pray, check email, fold a basket of laundry, do a load of dishes, etc.
6:30 am Breakfast and Spuds Dresses for School
7:00 am Family Devotional (We read a page or two of scripture and commentary from Discover the Scriptures: Old Testament and we have prayer.)
7:15 am Spuds and Hubby leave for school and work
7:25 am Finish the Morning Routine (PeeWee and I bathe the 3 toddlers, get them dressed and changed.  We clean up the table, start the dishes and a load of laundry.)
8:15 am Finish devotional.  Do pledge of allegiance, sing a primary song, do copywork or questions from Discover the Scriptures, recite an article of faith, recite memory poetry.
8:30 am  Saxon Math 3 for PeeWee; Little ones play.
9:15 am Table work for PeeWee: Explore the Code, First Language Lessons, A Reason for Writing (handwriting), Building Spelling Skills; Any work not finished during this time is finished in the afternoon.
9:45 am Pack up for outdoor time.
10:00 am Outdoor Time or Indoor Recreation Time (if the weather is bad). 
11:00 am Booboo goes down for nap; PeeWee and I read our Time Travelers: Explorers Lesson and go over the projects.  We also read in Boxcar Children.  We take turns reading alternate pages.  We use the literature study guide for Boxcar Children from Veritas Press.  We use the questions for oral narration at this point, but will be working up to written responses over the next few weeks.
11:45 am PeeWee works on literature and history projects.  Preschool Time. 
12:30 pm Mom cleans and preps lunch.  Bebe and Schmoocas watch an educational preschool video.
1:00 pm Lunch and clean up.
1:30 pm Subject of the Day: M-Spanish, Tu-Music, W-Computers, Th-Geography, F-Art.
2:30 pm PeeWee works on table work assignments.
3:00 pm Leave to pick up Spuds from charter school.
4:00 pm Snack time.
4:15 pm Homework time for Spuds and PeeWee finishes work or reads (if necessary).
5:00 pm Family Cleaning Time
5:30 pm Outdoor Play Time for oldest 2 kids.  Table play for the toddlers.  Mom preps supper.
6:30 pm Supper, clean-up and make lunches for tomorrow.
7:00 pm Older kids take showers.  Get younger kids changed and dressed in pajamas.
7:30 pm Stories, scripture readers, brush teeth and family prayer.
8:00 pm Kids' Bedtime and Mom/Dad Time
9:30 pm Our Bedtime (if we can wait that long).

We adapt this schedule on a few days, as follows:
Tuesday-5:15 pm Soccer
Wednesday-7:00 pm Family Home Evening
Thursday-Homeschool Field Trip Day.  We drop most of the table work and focus on Math, Reading, Spelling, Writing and Geography for our short day.  6:30 pm Scouts

We were exhausted at the end of this week, but this schedule allowed us to get so much done!  It's definitely worth the early start.

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  1. Great schedule. I'm still trying to work out the kinks in my schedule this year.