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Monday, August 9, 2010

Here's my babies!

I know you're dying to catch a peek at my little ones.  At my husband's request, we're not using our real names on the blog.  Instead, I'll substitute our nicknames.  Some names are from Grandpa.  Some of the nicknames are from us.  Spuds is my 9 y.o. son.  PeeWee is my 8 y.o. daughter.  Yep, they're bio siblings.  We adopted them from Denver foster care.  Aren't they beautiful?!  Schmoocas is my 3 y.o. son.  Bebe is my 3 y.o. daughter.  Booboo is my 1 y.o. son.  He chose to stay in my arms, rather than ride on the hayride.  Go figure. 
This photo is from our Primary's Pioneer Day celebration.  There was all sorts of pioneer games, crafts and yummy foods.  There was also a fantastic rope pull.  Too much fun.
More to come...

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